Keynote Speakers


Justine Curgenven

Justine Curgenven is a young British film director with a passion for Sea Kayaking. She’s filmed the most eye-stretching Sea Kayaking videos you’ve ever seen. She’s led expeditions to Kamchatka and Tasmania (1400 km circumnavigation) and filmed some of the World’s great paddlers on some of the World’s great waters. Whether it’s awesome tidal races off the Welsh coast, the bergy bits of Greenland and Newfoundland or the Manatees in Florida, Justine will share her experiences in a workshop and give us an entertaining after-dinner talk.
Take a look at Cackle Productions (named after her trademark laugh) has just released a second DVD which is even more eye-stretching than the first.


Justines's Kamchatka peninsula expedition with Israeli Hadas Feldman was always going to be a great paddle. The interventions by the Russian military just made it more interesting. Introducing young Private Alexey to a sea kayak, so that he could ‘keep an eye on them as they paddled this remote coastline' was quite an achievement for the two women – not to mention for Alexey.

Last November, Justine led the first all-women circumnavigation of Tasmania – a 6 week battle to get safely though some very challenging waters – and to get enough ‘film’ to tell an interesting story of the trip. A major achievement to have accomplished both of these goals.

If you don’t want to buy them over the web, you can buy both of Justine's DVDs here in NZ - from either the BOP Canoe & Kayak (email to or from Paul Caffyn (email to kayakpc@xtra - take out the antispm).


John Kirk-Anderson

John Kirk-Anderson is not only a kayaker of great skill and experience, but probably NZ’s highest qualified instructor, with both SKOANZ and BCU. John brings a deep understanding to staying out of trouble on the water.

From Christchurch, John Kirk-Anderson was one of last event’s most popular speakers. John had rave reviews for his great ‘Bugger File’ presentation. This year he returns with another thought-provoking workshop. John is always a voice well worth listening to.

Plus - John will just have finished paddling round Stewart Island - he"s there now - and he's agreed to give us a session on that epic destination.


Paul Caffyn

Paul Caffyn is New Zealand's (and one of the world's) most famous kayakers. He paddled around NZ's South Island in 1978 and since then has paddled around almost everything that would stand still long enough. New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Great Britain, the Alaskan Coastline, Greenland - a series of prodigious accomplishments.

If you're interested in more details on Paul's expeditions and publications, look here.

Paul Caffyn Surfs
Paul Caffyn

Paul has agreed to give a session on advanced Trip Planning, so if you're feeling restless....


Greenland Paddling Speakers

Freya & Greg,
plus Turner & Cheri -
Greenland paddling gurus.

Freya Hoffmeister, Greg Stamer, Cheri Perry and Turner Wilson four world-class Greenland paddling gurus, will share their knowledge and fascinating experiences in a Friday-night presentation, a demonstration on Saturday afternoon and a workshop in the Sea on Sunday afternoon. If you saw Shawn Baker’s demo at the last event, you won’t be bored! Greg is one of the folk he learned from.


Greg Stamer

A few years ago, Greg went to Greenland’s summer games – to try his hand paddling against the world’s best. He came away a winner.

Besides being one of the top Greenland-style paddlers, he brings a deep enthusiasm for kayaking in all its forms. As he says: about the various ‘schools’ of kayaking: “Try them all, make it fun.”

Greg Head On
Greg in Ice

Greg has experiences to share - teaching at Kayaking seminars in America, Japan and (of course) his competition in Greenland.

He and Freya will be showing us top-level skills. Workshops on Sunday afternoon will give you an opportunity to try it for yourself. Bring some liniment!


Freya Hoffmeister

The famed ‘Lady in Black’ from Germany, Freya has just achieved centre-fold (well, actually last-page) status in the magazine Sea Kayaker (Dec 2005).

A skilled Greenland-style paddler and instructor (Europe, America and Japan), Freya will join Greg in the Tell, Show and Teach opportunities over the weekend.

Wellington’s Pete Nottman met her this past July, at the US West Coast Stiks symposium and pronounces her ‘awesome’.

Freya Headstand
Freya BB

(Top) His nearby picture of Freya doing a headstand (in a boat not known for its primary stability) is something you definitely should try at home – often…

(Left) Click on the image to the left to enlarge this exquiste picture of Freya performing a balance brace - turned the other way up for effect.

Have a look at for a few biographical notes on Freya (she doesn’t have a website of her own yet).


Cheri Perry

Cheri Perry has been paddling kayaks for 15 years. She has worked as an instructor and guide - co-owned a kayaking business. When it's too cold to kayak, Cheri turns to snowboarding.

At the 2004 Greenlandic National Championships, Cheri won gold in the International Womens' 20-34 category; even though she was paddling a Greenlandic boat with a sealskin tuilik

For a look at Cheri's web site see

Cheri in Leather
Cheri Race

The roots of modern sea kayaking are deeply imbedded in the Arctic. Not very long ago, many of the Ancient Greenlandic Kayaking Skills were in serious danger of being lost forever. 

In an effort to preserve and celebrate their culture, in 1984 the Greenlandic people started kayaking clubs in different regions of Greenland. Each year the clubs gather for a week of racing, rolling, harpoon throwing, and rope gymnastics.

Here families share their culture with the children and socialize with others interested in the history of the qajaq.  They compete for the honor of being "The Great Kayaker".

The Greenland National Kayak Championships are held over the course of a week and events include Eskimo rolling, races, harpoon throwing and rope gymnastics. This event is a great source of national pride and the winners are held in the highest esteem. In 2000 the Greenlanders started to invite others to join their games.

Cheri Rolling

Turner Wilson

Turner Wilson has mentored folks in Greenlandic Kayaking technique all over the United States for the past four years. A founding member of Walden Qajaq Society, otherwise known as the Pond Scum, he competed in the Greenland National Kayaking Championships in 2005,  where he was fortunate to have the opportunity to mentor several Greenlandic youngsters from Qajaq Sisimiut during their phase of the  competition.

Turners Yak
Turner 2

Cheri & Turner, having just returned from last year's event, will share slides and their personal stories of their adventure with the hospitable Greenlanders during their event.


Marcus Choy

Marcus Choy is a computer engineer and an open-coast sea kayaking instructor working in the San Francisco Bay area and on the northern California coast.

He's currently making an extended tour of New Zealand, kayaking various locations around both islands.

Marcus 2

He's brought with him a presentation on the Sea Caves of his home waters - which he calls "Shear lunacy and other tales of the Northern California Coast".


NZ Experts on a host of Topics


Get ready for some hard choices,
because you won’t fit them all in !

Note: the schedule is now up
jump to it here .

Auckland ’s best kept secret destinations
Trip Planning - Basic Session and Advanced Session
Yak Maintenance
Be-Kind-to-Your-Body Physio
Foodie Frenzies - sensible and extreme
Skin on Frame Boats – would you enjoy the challenge of building one ?
Greenland Paddle Making – Want to try one - well learn to make it yourself.
Gear and Gadgets – what should you take o sea and what is over-the-top?
Department of Consevation - We will also have a return visit by DoC, for an update on their plans for kayaking resources. They have promised to send a larger group this year – to expand the discussion to more of the North Island - after Regional Officer Rollien Elliot’s very popular session at the last event.


Paul Caffyn's Expeditions:


When not sea kayaking, Paul Caffyn lives on the edge of the Tasman Sea on New Zealand's West Coast. He works as a coal exploration and mining geologist, a job which takes him deep underground in the local coal mines.

Although Paul began canoeing at the tender age of nine on the Brisbane River, he only took up serious sea kayaking in 1977. In the following 30-odd years he has notched up over 35,000 miles in his single Eskimo style kayaks. His Australian trip is regarded as one of the great small boat voyages of recent history.

Paul's first sea kayak expedition was around Fiordland with co-paddler Max Reynolds. From Jacksons Bay, Paul carried on solo to complete the first kayak circumnavigation of the South Island. This trip was the subject of Paul's first book Obscured by Waves. In 1979 Paul kayaked 1,700 miles around the North Island, another first, and completed the trip with a Cook Strait crossing. This trip was the subject of a second book Cresting the Restless Waves. In August 1979, Paul teamed up with Max Reynolds again to cross Foveaux Strait and complete a tough kayak circumnavigation of Stewart Island. Dark Side of the Wave completed Paul's New Zealand trilogy of his kayak travels around New Zealand.

In 1980 Paul teamed up with an English paddler, Nigel Dennis, to complete the first kayak circumnavigation of Great Britain. This 2,200 mile trip took 85 days.

In December 1981, Paul set out from Queenscliff near Melbourne and spent the next 360 days achieving the first kayak circumnavigation of Australia. This 9,420 mile paddle is acknowledged as one of the most remarkable journeys ever undertaken by kayak. Paul had to contend with a tropical cyclone which nearly swept him off a small offshore islet in the Coral Sea, raging surf, tiger sharks which frequently bumped into the kayak in the Gulf of Carpentaria, crocodiles, sea snakes and three sections of sheer limestone cliffs. To overcome the three 100+mile plus long sections of cliffs, Paul used Nodoz tablets to stay awake and lomotil to keep his bowels dormant during these overnight paddles. The longest stint along the awesome Zuytdorp Cliffs in Western Australia, took 34 hours of continuous paddling. After 10 years of trying to interest a publisher in a book about the Australian trip, in April 1994 Paul finally self-published his story as The Dreamtime Voyage. The first print run of 2000 sold out in 18 months with a 1000 reprint run in 1996.

In 1985 Paul completed a solo, 4,400 mile 112 day paddle around the four main islands of Japan. With co-paddlers, Paul has twice attempted to kayak across the Tasman Sea from Tasmania to New Zealand but has been thwarted on both occasions by the Tasmanian authorities and bad weather.

In August 1991, Paul paddled into Inuvik, in the North-West Territories of Canada, to complete the first solo kayak trip along the entire coastline of Alaska. Commencing from Prince Rupert in British Columbia, this 4,700 mile trip took three northern summers to complete. Highlights of this trip were: a herd of walrus swimming around the kayak, a large brown bear ripping open Paul's tent while he was asleep, being charged by a bull musk ox, and meeting the Eskimo villagers who are the descendents of the Inuit people who originally evolved skin kayaks in Arctic waters. Paul filmed the 1991 trip from Nome to Inuvik, not easy when paddling solo, and Canterbury Television edited the tapes and some Television News footage of Paul training on the West Coast, into a 30 minute television documentary.

In September 1997 Paul, and Wellington paddler Conrad Edwards, completed a 550 miles circumnavigation of New Caledonia.

In the northern summers of 1998 and 1999, Paul and Conrad paddled 1,400 miles along the west coast of Greenland from Narsarssuaq to Upernarvik.

Paul and Conrad paddled 610 miles from Kuala Lumpur, Malaya, through to and then around the island of Phuket in Thailand, completing the trip in late January 2002.


Obscured by Waves published 1979, John McIndoe Ltd; 2nd edition published 2005, Kayak Dundee Press

Dark Side of the Wave published 1986, NZCA/Caffyn; out of print recently

Cresting the Restless Waves published 1987, NZCA/Caffyn; a few copies left

The Dreamtime Voyage self-published 1994 both hardback and limpbound editions, reprinted 1996.

The KASK Handbook - a 130 page manual to sea kayaking in NZ, edited, some chapters and full layout design by P. Caffyn; published by KASK (Kiwi Assoc. of Sea Kayakers NZ Inc) in 1994; 2nd edition in 1998.

The Sea Canoeist Newsletter, edited by P. Caffyn since 1991, 20 pages, printed bimonthly by KASK.


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